Scottish Sculpture Workshop (2015)

In March-April 2015 I undertook a residency at SSW, during that time I like many, was struggling with my practice. I had hit a wall. It is a horrible feeling, when you know what it is you want to do but cannot find the means to do it. The trip up to Lumsden was an... Continue Reading →


10 Things about a Novice Archiver.

Since beginning my archiving journey I have learnt (10) things: Archiving can get lonely. You talk yourself through the steps – out loud. Always have more than one pencil. Music keeps the boredom away. Store rooms do not have enough room for dance practice. Drinking tea to the max is encouraged. Gloves are not just... Continue Reading →

Quentin Blake ‘Inside Stories’ is an exhibition curated by Amy Barker, previously shown in Cardiff it has now come to Newcastle. You know before you even enter the gallery that this exhibition is sure to be a hit. It’s timing cannot be coincidental. Spring is right around the corner and kids are just about to... Continue Reading →

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